Syndicate 2525 is more than an insurer. We are insurance partners offering added value services and a complete liability insurance solution. Liability risk management and health and safety advice are intrinsic to our offering as is our desire to help you, the policyholder, to reduce accidents in the workplace.

We aim to offer lower premiums to clients with the best risk profiles and recognise that the time and effort spent by policyholders in directly managing health and safety quickly affects the number of injuries that may occur in the workplace.

We assess each client individually so that the claims of the worst performing risks are not paid for by higher premiums from the best performing risks. This does not just depend on past claims, but rather on the approach to managing health and safety in the workplace.

Supporting your business

We provide support for a policyholder’s internal Health, Safety & Environmental operations through our strategic partner, Sovereign Risk Solutions Ltd (SRS Ltd) -

SRS Ltd is a liability risk management specialist and is perfectly placed to support policyholders by determining and advising where improvements could be made. Any advice will be practical and pragmatic. Much of its experience is gained from former careers in industry and its advice is far from ‘theoretical’. Common-sense, inexpensive ‘engineering’ solutions are often proffered in their advice.

It can also appraise current workplace Health, Safety & Environmental practices, so that an appropriate premium is quoted for each policyholder’s specific risk profile.

SRS Ltd’s approach to Risk Management is common sense, practical and with a full appreciation of costs associated with risk improvement.

This has mutual benefit for you, the policyholder, and for Syndicate 2525.

Additional services

Sovereign Risk Solutions Ltd provides a range of additional services, including:

  • Health and safety

    • Compliance audits - systems and procedural
    • Practical assistance in policy drafting, implementation and review
    • Corporate strategies on Risk and COSHH assessment
    • General and specific risk assessments, including fire
    • Devising ‘Safe Systems of Work’
    • Accident prevention, investigation and reporting policy
    • Accident investigations and implementing remedial actions
    • Liaising with enforcing authorities
    • Assisting in the avoidance and/or defence of civil claims
    • Occupational health surveillance strategies and programmes

  • Health and safety training

    • Analysis of training needs
    • Corporate training strategies
    • Bespoke training packages to meet operational needs
    • Accredited training packages including IOSH Managing Safely
    • Introducing the principle of ‘Team Briefings’, providing supportive
      documentation and training in their delivery
    • Accident/incident investigation and claims defence training

  • Environmental protection

    • Devising and implementing environmental management strategies

Working together

When Syndicate 2525 seeks to undertake an appraisal, Sovereign Risk Solutions Ltd will make contact with the broker to arrange a meeting with you. The cost of the appraisal will be met by us.

The results of the appraisal will be shared with you, the policyholder, as appropriate, so that any necessary improvements can be considered.

Our aim at Syndicate 2525 is to partner with you in support of your liability risk management objectives. Therefore, in certain circumstances and where mutually beneficial, we will contribute to the cost of Sovereign Risk Solution Ltd’s additional liability risk management services.

Liability Risk Management

Syndicate 2525 Liability Risk (pdf)