As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the highest level of service to our policyholders, we have produced a brief presentation called ‘Beating the Small Print’ to explain the Syndicate 2525 Liability policy.

The presentation is designed to help you to avoid falling into common ‘small print’ traps, which sometimes lead to unwitting breaches of the insurance contract and subsequent declinature of indemnity.

We also explain what documentation is needed to assist in defending claims against you and what documentation is required to notify claims to Syndicate 2525.

About the presentation

Syndicate 2525 uses a specialist claims consultancy or, as appropriate, the nominated loss adjuster to make these presentations, which last about an hour and can take place at your premises.

The consultancy uses practical, real-world claims examples for ease of understanding.

The presentation will also convey up-to-the-minute legislation changes that may cause Syndicate 2525 to amend current policy wordings and that could impact your processes.

Insurance brokers are welcome to attend; however, this is not a necessity.

Understanding the issues

The areas covered in our Beating the Small Print presentation include:

  1. Claim notification conditions typically require “notice within 30 days of any incident which may give rise to a claim”. Some policyholders fail to follow this condition, so we explain why it is important.

  2. The standard use of the word “may” in these conditions makes interpretation subjective. It is therefore useful for policyholders to understand how Syndicate 2525 interprets this.

  3. Any other policy-specific clauses will also be explained and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or raise any concerns about the policy.

  4. A full guide to using our ReWage product will be given and you can ask questions about how this can be used to best effect.

  5. We explain Syndicate 2525’s Direct Settlement Scheme, which enables injured employees to recover compensation where negligence is established, without the need for legal representation.

  6. We explain what you can do to minimise the total cost of claims.

Beating the Small Print

Ive Syndicate 2525 Beating The Small Print (pdf)